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Welcome To Worldwide Line

Yuva is much more than getting a piece of cargo from a point to another. Our duty is to make sure that from raw material to finished goods sitting on any retail shelf, we provide the critical services and information necessary to give our clients a competitive advantage in the organization of their supply chains. Customer Satisfaction is always the first we at Yuva are always ready to assist you with a 100% automated system in achieving your business needs.
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Why Choose Us :

We offer International Cargo Transportation services by Ocean, Air, Rail and Road. yuva Logistics is a Shipping and Logistics Service Provider from KSA offering a range of services

Our Mission :

We maneuver on a total Quality Policy, committed to provide each of our customers with quality service management, professional & communicative service management to completely satisfy

Our Vision :

We will be recognized as the industry leader and superior provider of value-delivering solutions to our customers. These core competencies will be leveraged to expand YUVA Logistics into niche’ markets in the industry.

Our Range of Transport Services

We take pride in Serving our Clients Safely

We offer Reliable and Competitive International Freight Forwarding Solutions that Support your Continual Growth and Expansion in Old and New Markets. Our Special Capabilities Handle Quota Issues, Customs and Quarantine Procedures.

Air Freight

We offers the full range of Air Freight services to fit our customers needs. We tailor our Air Freight solutions

Sea Freight

We offers a perfect one stop shopping to customers to provide full coverage of transportation


We provides warehousing and distribution centers for companies with a need for a high-performance

Land Freight

We have an extensive network of carriers of all sizes and types. We have the flexibility to meet


We have a well dedicated team of professionals to take care of your complete Customs clearance

Project Cargo

We Experience working with projects and heavy lift cargo of different descriptions and dimensions

Customer Satisfaction

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Our Membership


Simplifying your Freight moves
with better approach

Why Choose Us

Competitive Pricing

The world of international supply chains involves a myriad of unknown risks

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Security For Cargo

Our facilities meet high security requirements and are certified to the highest local standards.

24/7 Hours Support

We enhance our logistics operations by relieving you of the worries associated

Real-Time Tracking

We ensure our customers’ supply chains are fully compliant by our comprehensive practices

Easy Payment Methods

You can make use the easy convenient payment options, listed below

Fast & Efficient Delivery

We enhance our logistics operations by relieving you of the worries associated

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2730, 14 th Cross, E-Block Sahakar Nagar(Near Hotel Swathi Garden) Bangalore - 560 092 , India

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Mobile Number :
+91 998 0505 310
+91 871 0995 310

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